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Hi guys

when I run Malwarebytes I see 'Trojan.StreamStealer.GSGO' pop up for a few seconds, that doesn’t seem good?

there are a few 'adware' listings too, it all shoots past real quick so I can't note them and I can't work out where I might see. list of these potentially suspicious items. 

Anyhoo nothing ends up in quarantine and Malwarebytes reports " - - - you are clean"

no threats were listed at the end of the scan - I would expect "Trojan.StreamStealer.GSGO" is a threat??


thanks lot

great to know you are out there



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Malwarebytes is just informing you of what it's looking for during the scan. Anything it finds will be either displayed when the scan completes or sent to Quarantine. If it says you are clean, then it didn't find anything so that's exactly what it means.

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If you use an old version of Malwarebytes for macOS, see the threats that are being searched and not the ones present on your Mac. You should update to version 3.9.27 (the last one) where the number of checked items appears only more

at least this happens to me

So it doesn't scare us anymore

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added personal experience
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  • Staff

Hi @neilbar,

There was  issue in downloading updates from in-app update channel with our older versions like 3.1

To install the latest version,  download the installer file and run it over the existing installation to install.

download latest version installer file > https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3-mac

How to install on Mac > https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2634

A restart is recommended.


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