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whitelist services for win 10 and 0365


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In virtual environment (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Persistent VDI (PVDI) )  there seems to be a 6 second delay when trying to print.  When you are in MS Word and select print it is taking an additional 6 seconds for the printer list to appear in order to select a printer.  When Malwarebytes (anti malware, anti exploit, anti ransomware) are removed from the VDI or PVDI no delay occurs.  When we removed the malwarebytes suite and then select printers, the printer list populates normally without any delays.


We are wondering if there are any services that we need to whitelist or allow in the Malware suite of applications for the Windows 10  1709 & 1809 environment with 0365 MS office Suite applications?

Thank You



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I am not aware of any specific whitelists for improving MS Word printing performance, however it may help the Developers to try and narrow down the exact cause of the issue.  If you have the time, please try installing each component of Malwarebytes individually to determine which specific module(s) is/are at fault.  I would recommend starting with Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Exploit as they are the most likely culprits in my opinion based on my knowledge and experience, especially since a shielded MS Office application is involved.

If you do perform the testing please post the results and I will submit your findings to the Developers for analysis.


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The delay to populate the available printers occurs in all of the MS Office 0365 applications in the Windows 10 1709, 1809 environment.


Are there recommended settings or whitelistings for the Malwarebytes anti-ransomware, anti-exploit, anti-malware in the Windows 10 1709, 1809 environment running MS Office 0365?


I believe that the VDI team will be installing MS WIndows 10 and then add the applications to determine which application might be causing an issue.





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There are none that I am aware of, no.  My guess is that this issue is occurring due to some conflict with the configuration specific to your endpoints as I have not seen this reported previously.  It might be as simple as Malwarebytes having issues with the specific printer/driver in use or some other feature that might be specific to your environment, but hopefully we'll be able to determine what the cause is and get the Developers to roll out a fix or find some kind of temporary workaround to reduce the impact of the issue.

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  • Staff

Hi @j_french,

As @exile360 mentioned, it's helpful to test each module individually to see if you can pinpoint which one is causing the trouble. In this case, I suspect Anti-Ransomware is the culprit, as it is known to cause this type of issue and is not recommended or supported for VDI server roles. Although the Anti-Malware module is also listed as unsupported, I'd first suggest testing with only Anti-Ransomware disabled as that might completely remedy the issue. Keep in mind, these recommendations apply only to the server itself as all modules are supported on the hosted virtual machines. Let me know if you have any questions or any further trouble!

Configure Malwarebytes Endpoint Security Windows server roles

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