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Top Ten Ways To Get Infected


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1. Look for cracks, subdivided in illegal software

2. Browse the web for free porn!

3. Look for software that adds smileys to your posts, mail etc.

4. Look for kewl skins, screensavers, song lyrics, etc.

5. Look for spyware removers, concentrate on the kind that makes you pay before it removes anything

6. Install a P2P program and repeat all of the above

7. Look for pokergames, slotmachines and other gambling outfits

8. Look for ringtones and other stuff to bling your phone

9. Do NOT pay for anything, the internet is a place where you can steal anything from everyone.

10. Click on those unexpected links and attachments in email, because you're the curious type.

11. Close a pop-up/window by clicking the red X.

12. Use social networking sites like Myspace, FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut, etc.

13. Don't clear your browser cache.

14. Open email from people you don't know.

15. Open forwarded email from people you do know.

16. Search for "hot/current" topics.

17. Use public wireless networks without running any sort of software firewall-

and without limiting the type of connection to Public.

18. Having Autorun enabled ( sharing flash drives with other computers.)

19. Don't signout after working in public/shared computers.

20. Never bother to update security/OS softs.

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I hope that Malwarebytes has somehow made their Facebook and Twitter 'secure' - :)

I don't use any of these but you can't keep the kids off -

That is where they get sucked into "be my friend" and then the 'friend' has the infection already -

Seen it with one of the grandkids - :)

Good list to follow srtools -

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Useful tip mona7865. Your' is 11th. Tip. (Close a pop-up/window by clicking the red X)

exile360 - 12th. Tip. (Visit social networking sites)

@ srtools1980y

avoid: closing a pop-up/window by clicking the red X

I hope you got that right, Don't use the red X see mona's post

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So 16th tip is from catscomputer.

Thanks for your contribution.

16. Search for hot/current topics.

I request yardbird to hone the list so that I can take a printout & paste it aside the machine.

Tomorrow this topic will go somewhere down & we will all forget.

I always remembered all of it, (ok execpt the red X ) that mona posted...


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Maybe this topic should be renamed Top Ways To Get a PC System Infected?

Another one is Common Sense:



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Having Autorun enabled ( sharing flash drives with other computers.)

I use Autorun Eater from Old McDonald's Farm:


Almost as good as a Scotty woof from WinPatrol.

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