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Proposal: More customer friendly handling of blacklisting of keys

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Unfortunately using My Account and having the keys registered there does not protect from getting blacklisted at all.

I found recently also two keys blacklisted, which I purchased a decade back at Newegg during one of my trips to the USA. Since the company I worked for went bankrupt and I used the company mail address, there is also no way to find the requested proof of purchase for these keys (and who would have assumed that you have to do it after such a long time anyway).

The most frustrating part is, that I purchased some of these boxes for installation on PCs of family members and near friends, who now start to call me because of the non functional software after last updated.

Best greetings from Germany

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as it seems, a rather high number of users currently find their lifetime licenses blacklisted or not longer working as they had been (the 3 devices - 1 license issue). (Lets forget those users for a moment, who purchased an unregistrable key at Ebay, here I am also not sure, how this could be handled without giving new ammunition to the scammers.)

I wonder, if it would not have been a more recognizing (for the efforts at Malwarebytes) and even profitable way (I do not think many of those, who had lost their lifetime key the hard way will go to subscribe), to combine this change in enforcement of licensing with an offer for those, who have been affected by this like:

If the key you have registered on the My Account page got blacklisted, the customer could either bring the proof of purchase from 10+-x  years ago or you pay a service fee (maybe in the value of a 1 year subscription fee) to reenable the lifetime license/replace the blacklisted key.

The same could go for those, who used one lifetime license to protect more than one device and cannot do that any longer with the new enforcement policies. Malwarebytes could allow adding up to two more lifetime keys to the same account which holds the current license for the same service fee.

Just an idea to dim the current frustrations ...

Best greetings from Germany

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Lifetime keys were discontinued in 2014 for a reason, Lifetime security is not attainable. Subscriptions pay for the continued development and support of the product. Malwarebytes was very generous to continue to support the legit (original terms apply. One computer per license and Windows only.) lifetime keys already out there and will continue to do so.

Malwarebytes can not control or be responsible for the bad sellers that sold bad licenses or Marketed good licenses for more than the ONE computer the license was good for.

They are taking care of the proper keys and in many cases giving the users of bad keys a free one year license to them which is very generous. A $40 us value currently. Other company's would not go that far for its users.   

As a user on the forums, you can not see all the customers that have been assisted on the help desk with no issue, You only see the people that complain here (handful) compared to the happy customers that have been taken care of.

It is a lot like Windows 10, There over 800 million users using it with out issues, but do you see even .01% of those complaining. NO. You only see the people who have issues. You only read the bad things and tech writers trying to make headlines and get clicks and revenue.

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