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I searched and read this article  (today, when at least in Italy, the news became public knowledge), from Google Project Zero blog, regarding iOS flaws closed with the update 12.1.4

I wanted to know if, using Malwarebytes for iOS web protection, the iOS user was protected by websites created to exploit these flaws.

Thank you






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I'm certain it would not have been able to detect such threats by itself. If the site had been reported as a threat by some 3rd party, then it would have been blacklisted, but most of this went undetected for a very long time before discovery in February and little to no evidence is left behind on the device itself now.

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From my reading some discussions on Twitter, such behavior was totally unknown to everyone before February, and exact details necessary to detect such behavior only publicly revealed yesterday.

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It's doubtful that Malwarebytes for iOS would have protected against this, since even when the news broke the sites in question were unknown. Further, it turns out that this was a nation-state attack, by China, to monitor the Uyghur people, and we don't have a strong presence in China (partly due to difficulty getting through the "Great Firewall."

However, for those who might have actually visited the sites in question (listed in a Volexity article), note that you're fully protected as long as you have upgraded to the latest version of iOS. All the vulnerabilities would have been patched as of iOS 12.1.4, and the restart required to install the update would have cleared the malware.

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