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IG.exe / IGDump: What are these used for?

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I have Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 installed on my primary computer.  This is with Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18362.327 V1903. 

Even though I have placed IG.exe in the Exceptions area of Bitdefender's Advanced Threat Detection and Antivirus Protection sections, when I run a standard MB 4.0.1 scan or custom scan, Bitdefender jumps in and blocks IG.exe from doing something to a folder named IGDUMP located in LocalLow.   I submitted IG.exe to Bitdefender as a FP last Thursday; however, there has been no corrective action via Bitdefender tech support.  

My questions are: 

1.  What is the impact of BD blocking IG.exe during a MB scan?

2.  And the obvious question of "Does anyone know how to make BD 2020 to stop detecting this as a threat?"


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Hi @siliconman01,

Thanks for reporting this. We were also able to reproduce this issue.

IG is part of the new scan engine in Malwarebytes version 4. Blocking/interfering with this will impact the effectiveness of your Malwarebytes scans.
Disabling the Advanced Threat Defense setting in BitDefender appears to be only available workaround.

We're looking further into this and will see if we can work with BitDefender to resolve the issue.

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