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Unable to connect the Service - MB4.Beta2

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Hello @nikhils & @LiquidTension:

The MB4.Beta2 in question had been in continuous operation since its first day of public availability with only previously documented FPs found.

Just after updating several user applications (one requiring a system restart) the MB4.Beta2 app failed to start with the W10 system restart.  Forcing a Manual start of MB4 yielded the dreaded "Unable to connect the Service" notification:

MB4 Unable.jpg

The attached mbst-grab (FRST - One month (created)) should document the apps I had just updated.  I can easily afford to leave this beta testing system as-is if anything additional would be helpful to staffers/devs.  Else the plan is to mbst-clean followed by a MB4.Beta2 reinstall.

A Threat Scan with Malwarebytes Toolset's Portable Scanner was negative.

I have quite a collection of current exclusions that will be troublesome but, c'est la vie.  Would transplanting %ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\exclusions.txt be fraught with great peril?



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Hi @1PW,

Thanks for the report. MbamElam is no longer installed, so starting MBAMService will continue to fail each time you launch Malwarebytes.

Please could you provide the following files:

  • %temp%\mbsetup.log
  • %systemroot%\temp\mbamiservice.log

uViWDv6.png Export Event Logs

  • Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type eventvwr.msc and click OK.
  • Expand Windows Logs.
  • Right-click Application and click Save All Events As.... Name the file application and click OK.
  • Repeat for Security and System.
  • Expand Applications and Services Logs in the panel on the left.
  • Expand Microsoft followed by Windows. Scroll down the list and expand CodeIntegrity.
  • Right-click Operational and click Save All Events As.... Name the file CodeIntegrity and click OK.
  • Navigate to the location of the files. Highlight the four files, right-click one and click Send to followed by Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • Name the Zip file EventLogs.zip and attach the file in your next reply.



I have quite a collection of current exclusions that will be troublesome but, c'est la vie.  Would transplanting %ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\exclusions.txt be fraught with great peril?

That file is not used to store user-created exclusions.

As long as you aren't transferring to a different computer, you can do the following:

  • Copy the %programdata%\malwarebytes\mbamservice\config folder to a safe location.
  • Reinstall Malwarebytes.
  • Quit Malwarebytes.
  • Replace the new %programdata%\malwarebytes\mbamservice\config with the folder you copied earlier.
  • Launch Malwarebytes.
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Hello @LiquidTension:

I am afraid too much time has passed for the first two directories to have sustained till now.  The requested event logs archive however, is attached.

Please chalk this unfortunate loss up to my use of the Windows Cleanup, CCleaner and the BleachBit utilities between MB4.Beta2's installation and now.

In the event other possible remaining data is required, I will shut this beta test system down now and await further instructions.  I do have a Linux system and a MacBook I use quite frequently.

Thank you kindly for the exclusions transfer instructions.  For myself, this will combine the best features of mbst_repair and mbst_clean.


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Thank you for the file. Unfortunately, there are only a small handful of events logged (likely due to use of CCleaner), so there's not much information to go on here.

The current state of your installation is:

  • MbamElam is not installed.
  • MBAMService is installed but cannot start due to the missing MbamElam.

As for how you ended up in this state - unfortunately, there's not enough information available to determine this. I'd recommend clean uninstalling with the Malwarebytes Support Tool and manually reinstalling the beta version afterwards.

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Hello @LiquidTension:

Thank you for analyzing that amount of meager data.  I will perform the clean install, discussed above, followed by a suspension of my manual cleaning operations.

I will still post to this thread regarding any repeated MB4.Beta2 failures.


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Hello @LiquidTension:

All is well again.  I performed a deactivation, MBST_Clean and a MB4.Beta2 install.  I transplanted my previous %programdata%\malwarebytes\mbamservice\config directory but the previous exclusions made no appearance in the new install although a setting or two did make it through.

Repopulating exclusions was made less arduous because of a helpful Custom scan that reminded me of what entries I forgot.  I remain contrite with the theory that my aggressive cleanup practice may be the basis for the lost MbamElam.sys driver.  The prime suspect may be my ill conceived use of the portable bleachbit.exe 2.2 with over-ambitious parameterization.  This being a poorly thought out methodology to minimize the file size/runtime of my licensed Macrium Reflect Home system backups in an effort to pack as many as possible in a 1 GB portable partition.

Lastly, when activating our licenses, is it a new normal that Windows Copy & Paste, of our Key/ID, is no longer possible?

Thank you again, @LiquidTension

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Changed Cut to Copy.
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Hello @John A:

Please note - I misused the word "Cut" when I should have sent "Copy".  This is now corrected in #6 above.

Just to see what would happen, I had been applying the new installer files "over the top" since the first MB3 > MB4 upgrade.  My license Key/ID was carried-over in both cases.  Perhaps improvements were made to prevent troublesome white space characters from being transferred.  I know I could not Copy & Paste from a remote/portable text file kept as a backup to my.malwarebytes.com records.

I'll try a few more variations and report what happens.

Thank you, John A.

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