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Password Managers - Very secure, right?


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More good news on the 2FA front:


Oh, and apparently this isn't even the first time this has happened (imagine my confusion when searching this topic and discovering a near duplicate titled article from a year ago on the same site :P):


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As large as Microsoft is nowadays and as much of their own infrastructure is now in place I wonder what this 3rd party is actually needed for?


Update (October 21): Microsoft has published some details on its preliminary root-cause analysis about last week's outage. The Azure Status history page notes: 

"The trigger of the issue was severe packet loss between Microsoft and a third-party service. The packet loss occurred in a network external to Microsoft but on the route to the third-party service. The packet loss was greater in severity and duration than previously measured. The combination of severe packet loss and morning peak load in North America resulted in Azure MFA service degradation in North American data centers. Azure MFA in the rest of the world did not experience a degradation of service."

Officials say that "changes have been made to improve resilience and throttling to better protect against similar issues connecting to third-party services." In addition, "we are accelerating work that was already in progress which is designed to protect against a total loss of connection to the third-party communications service."


Currently as of the time of my post the Azure Status page appears to show no known issues.



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