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Manual Scanning Priority Dramatically Slows System

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If the option "Manual scan performance impact>Manual scans take priority over other applications" is selected, the user might as well go have a cup of whatever when performing a Custom Scan.  The system browsers and other tasks become very unresponsive.  And this is with all protection modules turned off.  Version 3.8.3 does not experience this nearly as significantly as version 4.0.1.   Perhaps this can be toned down a bit in version 4 so that a user can experience high scanning speed and still use the system during the scan.


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This is the expected behavior.  A scan is a very resource intensive process.  This is also why scans are now faster in v4 vs v3, however scheduled scans still run with lower priority to allow better multitasking and of course if manual scanning is too intensive on your system you can always deprioritize it using the provided option to allow for better multitasking.

With that said, I have no trouble performing other tasks while a high priority scan is running, however I do have a pretty powerful CPU (i7 7700K, overclocked to 4.6GHz across all cores).

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Some additional remarks.   A custom scan on C & D drives is expected to take a long time.

You can trim down some run time by un-ticking scan for rootkits  ( the rootkit check selection will add more time),

As long as the compressed files are relatively the same across time, and if you have a very large amount saved, un-ticking scan within archives will also cut down the total time to scan.

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