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Malwarebytes Browser Extension Automatically Installed

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Is it planned for MBAM 4 to automatically install/maintain/update the Malwarebytes Browser Extension for the various supported browsers (to include the new MS Edge currently in beta testing) ?


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I haven't heard any plans to integrate it at this time.  I suppose it depends on whether the browser extension is deemed ready for release and whether or not they plan to integrate the browser extension with Malwarebytes 4.

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I don't think that you'd want it installing automatically, people get upset about unasked for installs/bundleware.
But maybe as an offer when installing MB?

My Firefox extension maintains and updates itself automatically. (But that may be a Firefox setting).
I would assume that the Chrome and Edge ones do as well.

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Agreed.  I wouldn't mind seeing it as an option possibly, but I would prefer they not install it automatically and I don't think they will.  Yes, in most browsers the extensions/add-ons are updated automatically.

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Hello @siliconman01

As far as I know there is no such plans to make the integration. I have reached out to the product team and will have an official answer for you soon.

Thank you for testing the Beta.

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