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malwarebytes with crypto virus

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Hello Ugur.    :welcome:

That screen looks ominous.

Bleepingcomputer forum is an excellent resource for information about many variants of ransomwares.

A repository of all current knowledge regarding CryptoLocker is provided by Grinler (aka Lawrence Abrams), in the: CryptoLocker Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ

See  https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/679881/cryptolocker-help/


There is a site named ID Ransomware that has a mechanism for you to use  ( by submitting one or 2 ransom note files or a sample copy of an encrypted file).

The ID Ransomware will then try to figure out which ransomware variant is on this pc.

The website is accessible at the following link:    https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/



If you would run the report tool named FRST that may shed some light about whether there are the usual ransomware-type pattern of "ransom notes".

Follow the guide here   https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/



Attach the 2 FRST reports to this thread when you Reply.


NOTE:  Malwarebytes has no decrypter for any ransomware.  Malwarebytes cannot fix any encrypted use data file or documents.

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Thank you for your help and information. :) 

well I delete all my files and data. I know that I can not get back. on the other hand I reinstal all the systen better then before but this time I just want to protech my self. My data  Crypto by "lockhelp@cc.com" if ı am not wrong it was like this. I delete them all, I am not remember. 😕 I am not very sure but I think ı get the virus with in locak shere files... :P

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I am not real clear on what you have done.   Did you do a new Windows system re-install ?


Malwarebytes for Windows Premium has multiple protections, including ransomware protection.   I would urge you to have Malwarebytes for Windows Premium .

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sorry I was a way.

all what I do is: plog out all the disk from pc  and format my system disk and re-install the windows. after that I get AVAST antivirus and plog in my other disk. I delete all the crypted files and scan all my disk. after two week I findout that Avast not work well on windows server and I decided to buy malwarebyes but ı dont know which protech I have to get for this single user compiter...

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So you are indicating that you did a new Operating system installation.

You also say you deleted the encrypted files.   You could have left those as - is  in the hope that in the future someone might come out with a decrypter.

What is the exact Windows Version on this machine?   Please be specific.

The Malwarebytes for Windows is not supported on "server" operating systems.


I would like to have you run a report tool known as FRST. This has no personal information. It is a well-known & widely used &safe.
FRST will help provide me with a list of installed programs and other information about your computer that will help me see if there are any other problems that are not being detected. Please follow the steps below to run FRST.

1: Please download FRST from the link below and save it to your desktop:

"Download link for 32-Bit version Windows"

"Download link for 64-Bit Version Windows"

Please wait and look toward the top or bottom of your browser for the option to Run or Save.
Click Save to save the file version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

run report with FRST

Right-click on FRST icon and select Run as Administrator to start the tool , and reply YES to allow it to proceed and run.

_Windows 8 or 10 users will be prompted about Windows *SmartScreen protection* - click line More info information on that screen and click button Run anyway on next screen._

Click YES when prompted by Windows U A C prompt to allow it to run.
Note: If you are prompted by Windows SmartScreen, click More info & followup & choose Run anyway.

Approve the Windows UAC prompt on Windows Vista and newer operating systems by clicking on Continue or Yes. 

Click Yes when the* disclaimer* appears in FRST.
The tool may want to update itself - in that case you'll be prompted when the update is completed and ready to use.

Make sure that Addition options is *checked* - the configuration should look exactly like on the screen below (do not mark additional things unless asked).
Press Scan button and wait.

The tool will produce three logfiles on your desktop: _FRST.txt_ , _Addition.txt
Click OK button when it shows up. Close the Notepad windows when they show on screen. The tool saves the files.

Please attach these 2 files to your next reply.

Thank you.

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First of all thank you for your help. :)
after I buy I read this 😕 "The Malwarebytes for Windows is not supported on "server" operating systems." but last 14 day was work well.  I use "Windows server 2016 standard v1607"  this is diskless server pc.  the onliy program run on that pc is "CCBoot" it's like ISCSI

all what I need is Real-time scanning sometime we download things on the internet and I want something to protech this pc


FRST. I am going to do this when we close. all my other pc run with the server and I dont want it crash :D here is Internet Cafe.


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when I instal I didnt get any problem.
This server I use like a normal windows. that u can do almost everything. the reason I use windows server, network is work better than normal windows. last few years I was on windows 7 - 10 and  for "CCBoot" I dont need Server operating systems.

this system more like personel. we only use this for update games and other programs. ones we do this other 50 compiter (client) updated. 

it seem that     Malwarebytes work okay. 😕



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I am glad to see that the Malwarebytes scan reported no malware.


For another opinion:

The Microsoft Safety Scanner  is a free Microsoft stand-alone virus scanner that  can be used to scan for & remove malware or potentially unwanted software from a system.

The download links & the how-to-run-the tool are at this link at Microsoft



Let me know the result of this.


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