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Machine Learning

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Here's a fascinating video on Machine Learning (one of several technologies often referred to as Artificial Intelligence/AI, even though, for the moment at least, there is no 'true' Artificial Intelligence right now; it's all just complex mathematics/algorithms with no true 'thought' or 'intelligence' at all, though many tech firms and scientists are working on true AI and expect to reach this goal sometime within the next 50 years or less):

Much of the digital world around us and many of the large companies and organizations that impact our daily lives in a multitude of ways both big and small are being forever changed by the widespread adoption and implementation of various advanced computing techniques like those described in the above video, so if you want a better understanding of some of the basics behind this technology to get a better feel for it and many of the methods/implementations in use today and how they are shaping our world then I highly recommend it.  There are also numerous videos on other subjects available on their channel here as they have an entire series on AI as well as the history of computing and projections for the future (both immediate and distant) of where technology might go.

I also highly recommend the following YouTube channels which traverse the topics of technology, history, economics and more, each with at least a subset of content related to the subject of technology/AI/computer hardware etc.:

Overlord Gaming
Company Man
Moore's Law Is Dead

They are some of my favorite channels on YouTube :) 


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