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drives scanned by malwarebytes

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Yes, that is correct.  If you click on the Scan tab and select the Custom Scan option then click the Configure button you may then select the locations you want to be scanned.

That said, if any active threat was present, even on a drive other than C:\ Malwarebytes should still detect it using the default Threat Scan as it looks at all processes, threads and modules loaded in memory and scans any file(s) associated with them, so if a malicious process is loaded or a malicious DLL is loaded into another process (such as a malicious injector Trojan), even if the file itself is located on a different drive, Malwarebytes should still scan and detect it.

The custom scan is useful if you wish to check for dormant/inactive threats such as malware/PUP installers and any threats that have not been executed in memory yet.

Just keep in mind that a Custom Scan will generally take much longer than a standard Threat Scan (often hours vs minutes depending on the number of files/amount of data being scanned) so if there is a specific location you need to check, such as a folder where you store downloaded files (aside from the default Downloads folder in Windows, as this folder is checked as part of the Threat Scan) then it would be much faster to simply right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer and select Scan with Malwarebytes or select the Custom Scan option in the Scan tab and drill down to that folder and check the box next to it to select that as one of the locations to be scanned in your Custom Scan.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


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