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Is MalwareBytes Premium an AntiVirus program too?

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From my personal experience, on MacOS it is sufficient to have Malwarebytes.
If you use Safari, you can add Ka-Block! downloadable from the Mac AppStore as an ad-blocker, waiting for the Malwarebytes extension; if you use Chrome or Firefox, the beta of the Malwarebytes extension is already present in the respective stores (they are beta then still in the development phase).
If you do that you are perfectly protected, in my opinion.

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"Ka-Block!" does not have the privileges necessary to read or transmit content from any web page

This extension has never given me any problems


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10 hours ago, Mark905 said:

Do I need a separate antivirus or is MalwareBytes premium enough?

In the industry today, there is no real difference between the terms anti-malware and anti-virus. The latter is just a holdover from a very long time ago when viruses were the only form of malicious software. Now there is a lot of Adware, as well as  worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, and scareware, among other terms. There are differences in the way various software packages do their job, but it is normally not a good idea to run more than one of them in a real-time or on-access mode as they will conflict with each other in processing new and changed files.

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Take a look at "What it does for you" on this page https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac/. It is designed to detect and remove all current and known Mac malware that has been downloaded or installed on your Mac. It won't yet stop you from visiting a malicious web page nor pop-ups that are caused by visiting such a site with Safari, nor can it restore any settings that have been changed by malware (I don't know of any anti-malware that has figured out how to do that), so if you are seeing an unwanted home page or search engine, you'll need to address that after Malwarebytes has done it's job.

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