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100% disc Usage

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Ok this problem plagued me with my last computer and built this new/current PC because I thought it was a hardware problem. I literally upgraded every component I could because I thought it was faulty hardware. Last thing I did was change motherboards from z97 to the  z370 platform. Problem stopped for about 8 months. But this past week it's back crashes once a day but only during desktop use like YouTube or browsing the web not during games yet.

About 1hr from writing this my computer was slowing down to a crawl before the crash and said to my friend welp here comes the crash but it bounced back, odd. I open task manager while its slowing down again and see 40% disc usage. I then go to discord to screen share to show my friend this happen but disk usage dropped once it lived streamed, even more odd. Stop the stream and it shot up. I look in the processes and its malwarebytes 100% disk usage  and its chugging harder and harder and bam blue screen. I had malwarebytes open and saw it was running a complete full scan that I do every day at 4am. How can this cripple an almost $2k PC. Is there a way I can stop malware bytes from being a virus? Serously could not find anything to limit disk usage. 

Also a side note I learned. When looking at task manager on win 10 with 2 drives (to make it easy) the % is of the 2 drives not just the c drive so for me 50% is either 25% on both or 100% on one wich was my case. 


TLDR: how do I stop malwarebytes from crippling my computer to death when I watch YouTube when a scan is going.

The pic is the blue screen I get but it there for no more than 3s if I'm lucky to even see a bsod.


8096k, 1070 ftw, z370 ftw, 500gb evo ssd(c drive), optane 900p pcie ssd(d drive), 800w g2 supernova, 16 GB (4x4) ram ballistix sport.


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While you are waiting on someone to assist with the system crashing, I would strongly advise not using the Full scan for Malwarebytes because it is really not necessary, especially on a daily basis.  Instead, I would suggest using the default Threat scan since it looks at all of the known locations where infections hide as well as all loaded processes and modules in memory (even if they are running from another drive or folder that would normally not be scanned) so any active threats should be detected, and since you have Malwarebytes Premium, its real-time protection should stop any new threats from getting into your system anyway.  A full or Custom scan is only really needed if you attach a drive to your system that already has files on it and you want to check it for threats before using it.  I am sure you will find that this improves your experience greatly.

By the way, it is quite normal for any malware or virus scan to use a high percentage of disk I/O and CPU because it is obviously literally analyzing all of the files on disk and I am certain you will see similar behavior from any other anti-malware or antivirus application.

Anyway, I hope this helps and I hope that they are able to find the cause of the system crashes and get it fixed for you quickly.

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Hi. . .

Please run the BSOD Posting Instructions -


The resulting zip file will contain the mini-kernel memory dumps + about 25 system related files. Once I have the dumps specifically, I can process them and hopefully they will yield a clue.

With all this new hardware - are your hard drives new?

Did you reinstall Windows after the hardware changes, or did you just take the old hard drives from the old system, put them in the new system and boot-up? If you did not reinstall Windows, you must do so because of the new hardware. Also, you must own a "full retail" copy of Windows because if the version of Windows on your old system came with the system, that copy of Windows cannot be used on the new system.

Please run the  BSOD Posting Instructions and in the interim, test your hard drives with SeaTools for DOS (LONG Test) because off the top of my head, it sure sounds like there is a hard drive issue given the never-ending churning of your drives.


Regards. . .





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