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GermanWiper Ransomware Erases Data, Still Asks for Ransom

David H. Lipman

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GermanWiper Ransomware Erases Data, Still Asks for Ransom


"Multiple German companies were off to a rough start last week when a phishing campaign pushing a data-wiping malware targeted them and asked for a ransom. This wiper is being named GermanWiper due to its targeting of German victims and it being a destructive wiper rather than a ransomware.

The malware was first reported on the BleepingComputer forum on Tuesday, July 30 and users soon learned after examining their files that it is a data wiper, despite it demanding a ransom payment.

No data recovery

After compromising a computer and deleting files, GermanWiper leaves a ransom note indicating that the data was encrypted and would not be decrypted unless BTC 0.15038835 is transferred to a listed bitcoin address. 

Even if a victim pays the ransom, the money is wasted because the malware does not encrypt the data but overwrites it with zeroes and ones, destroying it, according to security researcher Michael Gillespie.

The first sample seen by security researchers was built on Monday, July 29. The ID Ransomware service started to receive submissions the same day, a little after 10 AM CEST,  MalwareHunterTeam told BleepingComputer.

The end of the work week (Friday, August 2) saw the highest number of ID Ransomware submissions for GermanWiper indicating that the campaign had hit plenty of targets. After that day, the number dwindled to less than 20."

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