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Updating an endpoint protection agent.


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I have a system that currently has the below Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent and Malwarebytes version build.


Is there a way to update the above to the current version I have on my system:



using the cloud.malwarebytes  web management console?  If there is not a way in the console, how do I go about updating the versions via script or deployment tool without creating duplicates?


Thanks in Advance.  

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  • Staff

Hello @tdoubleu

I see that you were having some difficulties with an endpoint not updating.  The endpoints should be checking in to auto-update, however if it is not, there are a few things we can try.  First, you will want to ensure that the endpoint is showing up online in the cloud console represented by a green circle, to the left of the endpoint name under "Manage Endpoints."  If it is reporting as online, select the check box to the left of that circle, and then click "Actions" in the top right, and click "Check for Protection Updates" in the drop down box.  Please see the screenshot below.  If the endpoint is not showing as updated after that, you'll want to try uninstalling via our MBST Uninstall utility (Linked Below) and then redeploying as that will ensure that the latest version gets installed on the endpoint.

MBST CLI Utility:  https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2333





Warm Regards,

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