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Unfortunately I don't believe that version is available any longer.  The oldest version still available that I am aware of is version 3.5 which was the last version to support Windows XP and Windows Vista and can be downloaded here.

Also please be aware that any older version of Malwarebytes, even if still receiving database/signature updates, will not be capable of detecting as many threats as the current version due to the fact that new detection capabilities are added in nearly every version of Malwarebytes that is released and these new signatures/syntax structures for the detection engine are not backwards compatible (old versions will simply ignore/not use threat signatures that they do not know how to read/which were created after they were released).  The Malwarebytes Research team also has the tendency to replace older signatures with newer ones that use the newer, more powerful database syntax both for efficiency and to improve Malwarebytes' overall detection capabilities, so as time goes on older versions will likely detect fewer and fewer threats.

Beyond that, you might check a site such as MajorGeeks or FileHippo, however I don't know if they would have the version you are seeking or not.

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I'm sorry but as @exile360 said. We do not typically store or provide links to previous version except in rare cases. If you can provide us with further information as to why this request we may be able to assist you in correcting the issue so that you're able to run the latest version.

Thank you



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