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Not working on Firefox Quantum


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MBAM v1.0.46 on Firefox Quantum v68.0.1 x64 always stops working after a day.  Must have reinstalled 7 times with same results.  Even turning off uBlock Origin does not help.  Also running MBAE v1.3.1.63 with it's DLL injected into Firefox.  I have MBAM Premium, but only for a manual scan (no start up on Windows logon).

I am not going to reinstall Firefox just to get an extension to work properly!

What's going on?

Win 10 Pro x64 v1903


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2 minutes ago, Robertiy said:

Thanks, Porthos.  Funny thing, just started working again with both extensions working—not dependable though.


Funny I spend free time checking web links in the FP section and it always works for me.

Did any of your extensions need updates when you just checked per my instructions?

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Question:  Does it work (reliably) in a new profile in Quantum?  Best bet would be to try just MB for Fx, then add uBlock and test, then add MBAE DLL injection to the new profile (if it is not automatic to all profiles) and test again....

Finally, add Enpass. 

This way you're not reinstalling Firefox, nor are you messing around with the current profile with all of your settings - you're just trying in a brand new profile, which you can later discard.

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