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i need some help I got a few outbould connection blocked on my pC

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hi I was browsing on google yesterday 7-31-19 search click on a link and got outbould connection blocked, the even clicking on my home nutton which is set to google on chrome i got another so i did MB scan nothing I install adware nothing I cleared cache woth cccleaner and it seemed fine then I went to google again today looking for online converter for a video i created with windows expressions i clicked on  link and started to get the outbound connection blocked again I have a few examples i exported from MB


what is wrong do I have a hacker on my computer and can you assist me to remove and fix this

outboundblock.txt outboundblock2.txt outboundblock3.txt outboundblock4.txt outboundblock5.txt

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Thanks for your reply. I'm almost done with your instructions above just on quick question. When I get an blocked outbound notification from MB, does this mean I have some maleware somewhere on my computer system that is requesting to take me to another bad website ? Or is it a link or ad I clicked on and that is what is requesting my browser to go to bad website ? 

Just so I understand 

If it's something on my computer or if it could be just a link or website I visited that was trying to get an outbound connection to a bad website / IP 


Ok also as you requested I just finished all the steps above and created a system restore point 

So far I've tested the browser and I did not see any popups yet. And MB did not find anything bougus.. but it didn't find anything bougus even after I had all those outbound connections blocked, 

So that is why I asked about what does outbound connection blocked mean if it was something in my computer or just a link being block ? 

Thanks again for all your help in advance 

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Yes, outbound is something from your computer reaching out. In your case it looked like Google Chrome is/was the culprit why I asked you to clean it up.

Let me leave you with the following information to help you keep your system clean going forward. Unless there is something else you should be okay now.



Let's get real. If you're not backing up your data and you're still using Google Chrome then you're just not serious about Privacy, Safety, and protecting your data. Malwarebytes is a fantastic program but you still need to back up your data and you still need to block scripts and Ads in your browser. 
If you're still using Google Chrome I would highly suggest you consider using Firefox instead. For more advanced users you might consider installing NoScript as well (it does have a higher learning curve though)

Help Secure your browsers
Please install uBlock Origin for your browsers to better protect your system

FireFox, ChromeOpera , SafariMicrosoft Edge
AdBlock for Internet Explorer
How to use uBlock Origin to protect your online privacy and security | uBlock Origin tutorial 2018

This video tutorial above explains how to use uBlock Origin in advanced user mode and all the advanced settings to protect your online privacy and help prevent unwanted sites from changing your browser settings

Delete Cookies Automatically

Cookie AutoDelete plugin
Chrome  | Firefox 

Browser push notifications: a feature asking to be abused
HTTPS Everywhere
NOTHING TO HIDE documentary

Review your email and Office choices

Quit Gmail for free encrypted email - Tutanota
Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail
LibreOffice - Free and open source office suite

Use Password Management software

KeePass Password Safe

Encrypted Instant Messenger and Voice Calls

Wickr Me

Follow-up Reading

Everything you need to know about cybercrime
10 easy ways to prevent malware infection 
Keep your data backed up

Thank you for choosing Malwarebytes  as your preferred security protection software and tell your friends and family too. We're here to help.



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Glad we could help.

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