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VBALink website detected as malware (false positive??)

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Hi. I am new to the forum.

Malwarebytes premium seems to be flagging the website vbalink.info (the site of a legitimate and well used emulator program of the gameboy advance) as an exploit. Virustotal reports no threats on the website when scanned, also the file was only flagged by 1 antivirus engine on virustotal as malware (I'm 99% certain the file is safe as I have used it before). Can anyone shed any light on this? VBALink is a modified version of Visualboy advance which is a legitimate GBA emulation program. Their site is being detected by malware bytes. Any light shed on this is appreciated.

Screenshot attached


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Thank you. The site is blocked due to other available files that use a shellcode exploit.

At this time if you trust the site you can add it to your own local exclusions and we would then no longer block the site.

Thank you


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Hi. Thankyou for the reply.

Does this mean that my machine is infected? Am I in danger, or has malwarebytes successfully blocked the threat (from the site)? As I mentioned I have used the emulator program fine before (I scanned it with virustotal and it was clean - the actual emulator) does this mean the site is hosting malicious files? Not necessarily the emulator? MB premium scans report my pc is clean. Am I safe?

Kind regards


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