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Website blocked due to malware. Please help

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I'm loading pages fine, but starting at 4:42 PST I've been getting blocked domains for doubleclick.net, optimizely, etc. These are places I think I would normally be blocking with Ghostery. I'm wondering if Ghostery updated itself and it's setting off Malwarebytes?

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The search bar in Firefox (the one to the right of the address bar) automatically uses google.com and googling something through there gave me multiple malware warnings:

- ip.google.com
- googleadservices
- doubleclick
- adservice.google.com

I've got NoScript, so no idea why these ones were even loading.
Now, 5 minutes later, googling the same thing doesn't display anything anymore.

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Hi all

The f/p blocks have now been fixed.

Please run an update to the most recent database.

If however blocks persist then please restart your computer and this should clear any cached data.


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