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Infected userinit.exe on Windows 7

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Hello everyone.

I have a computer using ESET Antivirus that is detecting this infecction.

It says:

"Threat found!

A threat (Win32/Spy.Guildma.Q) has been found in a file in your computer. It can only be removed deleting the file, which may cause problems if the file belongs to the Operating System.

File: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\userinit.exe"


I can't remove the file because, even if I tried, ESET would fail and show the same message after a restart. I tried a few fixes but nothing worked for me.

Can anyone help me? I've searched a little bit and found some fixes with FarBar, but I was afraid to use them as they might not be the same for my computer, obviously.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry about the lack of information. I didn't read the topic asking for Far Bar logs, so here they are. Ran 64 Bits Far Bar application as admin, so I guess this is correct. The logs are attached.

Also I've run Malware Bytes before but it didn't solve the problem and I'm pretty sure the logs were not saved as they should, so I can run it again if needed.

Thanks again.

FRST.txt Addition.txt

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I'm really sorry to post the problem and keep doing stuff to solve it. As this computer is extremely important for an user here, and he needed to use it ASAP, I solved the problem with another tool: ESET Online Scanner. It found the infecction and removed it.

The computer is not showing the message again. However, if it happens to appear again, I'll warn you guys.

I believe a mod can close the topic and mark as solved.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who had the patience to read the topic and the logs. Sorry for the unnecessary post.

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