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Hello! @kevinf80 , pardon my late reponse, i hope all is well!, I am still trying to do the repair install and a few questions


I SHOULD back up all of my data before reinstalling without wiping the drive, right?

how to back up ALL (every account on the laptop) USERS data? and should I do it on the cloud or on a hard drive? any recommendations?

I currently have 400 gb worth of data on the drive (C:) and 500 mb on the recovery, Should I buy a 1TB external hard drive? or should I do a system image?

also, the process in the link you provided for me, is this essentially the same method? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC_5eb9wTfk

thank you in advance!!! looking forward to your reply


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A repair install does not remove any personal data, videos, music, pictures etc. However, it is always essential to have backups to avoid potential loss. Also I assume you are aware of Rasomware, a current threat that encrypts all personal stuff and basically holds you to ransom for a decryption key. Although security experts are cracking this threat there are still many versions with no current fix.

I have a 2 TB SSD installed in my laptop and a 4 TB external HD for backups and full images...

Not sure if you`ve heard of software by AOMEI, I use the pro versions. One of two freeware versions I recommend for you is Aomei One Key Recovery, the free version is more than adequate. Its a fully automated service that creates its own hidden Recovery Partition that is available at Boot. The partition holds a full image backup of your C:\ Drive, so if you have major problems you can revert back to that image by selecting the chosen key at boot.


The second one is Aomei Backupper Standard, again free version is more than adequate for you. Make sure to read up on these programs at Manf Website before installing and using...

Does that help...?

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Yes Kevin it helps, thank you, 

Just to clarify, a system image will backup the entire drive? all users and pictures, documents, etc?

and would I need to purchase a windows 7 home premium installation disk to do the repair install?

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Kevin will probably be away for  a bit. I will go ahead and take over and assist you for any further help needed.

Here are you current hard drive space numbers.

C volume Total: 572.21 GB
Free space:  164.75 GB

So your installation of Windows and applications, along with your own personal data is taking up about 400GB

I would recommend a 2TB drive so that you have room for multiple ongoing backups. Though if you cannot afford it the 1TB would work and is about $10 cheaper.


Please read the following from the Backup article

Using automated backup software is typically the easiest and best method to ensure all data is backed up. Though it backs up a lot of software that does not need to be backed up unless you're doing a full restore. I typically use imaging software like Acronis and then also copy my main profile folders to the backup drive manually so that I have both methods. Thus the recommendations also for a bit bigger drive.

Typically you have the following folders to back up.

  -> user1
  -> user2
  -> user3


So I create a folder on the backup drive named BACKUP then in that folder I create one based on date using the year first so that it sorts properly. 201-09-30 as an example. Then I make a folder called USERS, then each folder that I'm going to backup I create that user name.



Then in each of those folders I would manually drag and copy the following folders.



Then if you can afford it I'd recommend Acronis True Image. If not and you want to use a free program then the one Kevin suggested also works great. Just pay attention to the options you select and where you copy from and to. Make a FULL backup of your entire drive to the External drive.


I did not see if you tested the hard drive or not. If not then you need to test the hard drive. If you look in your Device Manager you can find the model number. From a Google search you can put in that number and find your hard drive information. The majority of drives are either Seagate, Western Digital, or Samsung. There are others but those 3 make up the majority. Once you find that information let me know and I can provide you with links to software to test the hard drive. Though you may be able to run hardware diagnostics from your computer via the UEFI/BIOS screen. If the hard drive tests bad then you need to get a replacement drive as well as a backup drive.


Please keep me posted and let me know what additional help you need.





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