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Google Sent Me the Creep Reel

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10 minutes ago, exile360 said:

(something my own past posts on this very forum will often attest to)

Yes, I have enjoyed some of your past posts, researching mwbsys, and just read that very paragraph where you comment on data harvesting! You said:

On 10/22/2018 at 10:55 AM, exile360 said:

It's not a hot potato at all, if it were then they would literally be in hot water with the California legal system as well as GDPR, both of whose policies they are in full compliance with.

That's pretty funny!

Set aside the youtube images which started this thread. It isn't up for debate to me it is absolute communication by the mafia insiders within Google cust svc / tech support / sales centers to harass or apply psychological pressure.

And let me take a moment to thank you and the helpers you named for contributing to a great product!

I am not talking about the past, as far as concern over the switch to Invision and the GTM code. I am not talking about the past. This is right now, and I actually follow through, and document stuff, send concerns to government agencies via snailmail, and am not ruling out writing to the owner, Marcin Kleczynski . . . As was suggested on the first page of this topic to send to local law enforcement, I copied the pictures, spent near $100.00 on copies and mailings, probably over by now, to snail mail my local police department and the US Attorney General. Also, I respect you and Advanced, and the helpers you mentioned, and I think I have exposure and pockets of knowledge and an interest in keeping tabs on the Big Picture to realize that Malwarebytes is primed to take a big reputation hit via the Google Tag Manager. Why give the keys to Malwarebytes reputation to another entity?

Finally, I am concerned that when this topic gets closed, which is fine - I said what I want to say! - that my ability to edit disappears, and the posts on this thread remain on record.

Of course, the Google Tags Manager, by enabling someone else to substitute a page, has the ability to SANDBOX the thread for specific viewers, as it does on Social Media. The same people behind Google are the same for Facebook and Twitter, and wield unbelievable power. They SANDBOX social media posts - that is, make them visible to the poster, and maybe the followers, and unsearchable to the public, just as news articles which implicate and can affect the markets of Google, Facebook, and Twitter are SANDBOXED, appear lower in the feed, or late in the news cycle, so they appear more as a footnote, and press releases further push news down the feed, which is objectional to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This country is in trouble. OK, I didn't mean to go off on a rant! Google Tag Manager may allow SANDBOXING that I have observed elsewhere . . . For sure, the READ and UNREAD threads and posts are not appearing correctly right now to even you and the moderators.

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I don't know how things work on the backend, however we do have folks who deal with spoofed sites and fraud every day, and many of them are near constant users of these forums (for FP reporting and the like) and not one of them has ever mentioned anything I can recall about their being any kind of security issue or potential compromise of the forums or the content here.  You have to remember that Malwarebytes employs folks like Steven Burn who is well known for running hpHosts for ages which specialize in tracking threats on the web and malicious websites and servers, so if there were a problem with the code behind these forums you can be certain they would have voiced it to the executives in a heartbeat and we would likely no longer be using IPS, however no such event has occurred so this too gives me high confidence in the forums here.  On top of this, many of us use tools to disguise our IPs, so even the likes of Google would not be able to determine when it might be one of us viewing a post or visiting a page here on the forums to 'obscure' it from our prying eyes.

If you don't trust your content to be safe from being edited by others, simply take screenshots of the lot and keep them secure on your own system, and you can even keep extra backups somewhere such as an external drive (a good idea for any data that is important to you in case your system ever has any problems so you don't risk losing anything significant, and something that I try to do on a regular basis as well).

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Posted (edited)

Thanx for your patience. We had a move in March - still settling in, besides deal with the pandemic!


By now, there was sabotage on the car engine of one vehicle, and the other was stolen, and totaled. Message to those that did it:

Poor sadistic sociopaths - aren't you frustrated? 😧

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