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Malwarebytes Protection Module won't start.

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Hi everyone.Today I run windows 7 upgrade advisor because I'm planning to switch to windows 7.While it was scanning,malwarebytes popped out about spyware.banker(Below is the protection log):

17:29:19 (null) MESSAGE Protection started successfully

17:29:24 Administrator MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

20:48:27 Administrator DETECTION D:\Program files\System Mechanic\System Mechanic\Delay.exe Spyware.Banker QUARANTINE

I don't how it detected this but I've run many scans but this was not detected although it was there.As far as I know,System mechanic is good cleaning program and definitely not

a virus.But just in case I clicked QUARANTINE and guess what,Protection module terminated and Malwarebytes icon went. So I click start protection but I get the error in the picture attached.So.....what on EARTH IS GOING ON!!!!!This is freaking me out.After the error,I get another message stating that protection module is enabled but the icon never comes.And when I click on malwarebytes again,I get start PROTECTION!!!I uninstalled it and reinstalled several times but no use ;):D

Please help me and thanks in advance :P


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Ok guys problem solved.I followed the procedure where I have to use mbm-clean and that did the trick.Buy I still want to know what happened to malwarebytes???!!!

Protection module turned off and refuded to start because a spyware that isn't even a spyware?? :):):)

Someone answer me!!!!Should I consider getting a refund :):) What kind of support is this.Moderators,admins,technicals,users...NO ONE

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  • Staff

Sorry this got over looked.

The fix is below, if you still would like a refund, please PM me your Cleverbridge order number and we'll get that going.

Please uninstall the software via Add\Remove Programs applet.

Reboot the system.

Then run this clean up tool and allow a reboot when prompted.


Then reinstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the link below (downloads do not differ, registration with your ID & key activate the Pro features - this link generates any number of our 'official' download sites, not just malwarebytes.org):


Pay close attention to the actual download link. Many download sites have big giant sponsored ads from other vendors of other types of software which may confuse you. That's how they make money, by placing these ads prominently so you see them first.

Ignore all 'Recommended' or 'Sponsored' downloads, these will be the ads.

See how it runs

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