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Mbam & Cyberlink PowerDVD ver.8.0 ultra

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Really it's nice, lite with no frills & it's free.

I had wmp, winamp, real, divx, power dvd, gom etc, etc.

In one of the home desktops I uninstalled all the above except gom (for .swf) & best media player.

No probs. These 2 (i mean gom & best media player) take care of most common formats.

Please give it a try.

Then what about powerdvd & mbam prob.

Any suggestions?

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for you! I would follow exile360 advice which was:

I'd recommend making a post in the Honorary Members area or perhaps contacting support so that one of the developers can assist you in debugging and hopefully correcting the issue.
go post it now, so they can research it...good luck
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I use Shark007's Vista Codec Package (it's free), it works for XP as well and he's also got a version for Windows 7. It lets me play any format in any media player, including FLV, MOV, MP4, SWF, DivX, OGG etc. And of course there's always VLC and MediaPlayer Classic, both of which are also free.

please post the link for XP if you can? so I can see the one your talking about....thx..

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I informed cyberlink regd. this issue. They say these types of incompatibility issues (if it is so) has to be resolved by the respective a/v companies & till date they have not received any queries from other customers.

Can I add it to MBAM's whitelist?

Fyi: There are no issues with cyberlink power2go6 ver. 6.0 (burning soft.).

yardbird: what happened?

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