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Is this a spam email or not

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Thank you so much! I was just so worried all night because I didnt wanna search up anything about it because I was scared :) but I really really appreciate that you told me it's a scam! I changed my passwords pretty much right when I got the email

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On 7/29/2019 at 1:34 PM, David H. Lipman said:

They mean nothing.

The final one is just that the site uses the Microsoft CryptoAPI to obtain a DER encoded X509 Certificate from the Comodo Security Solutions, Inc., Online Certificate Status Protocol ( OCSP ) server and the site communicates over SSL.


GET   ocsp.comodoca4.com/MFEwTzBNMEswSTAJBgUrDgMCGgUABBTrJdiQ%2Ficg9B19asFe73bPYs%2BreAQUdXGnGUgZvJ2d6kFH35TESHeZ03kCEFslzmkHxCZVZtM5DJmpVK0%3D
User-Agent:  Microsoft-CryptoAPI/6.1

Ok thanks

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