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Use on more than 1 computer? Blocks all popups?

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I get lots of annoying popups all the time and have tried various things to stop them. I've added Ad Block and AD Block Plus etc in Chrome but they don't block everything. Will Malwarebytes block all that annoying stuff? If I buy it for my macbook pro can I use it on my imac too or will I need to buy it again? Hope not! Thanks 

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A malwarebytes license is valid for one machine only but the second license if bought together costs much less. 

For one machine it costs $ 39,99 for one year and for two machine it costs $ 49,99 for one year with automatic renewal year by year (but in any case deactivated on request) at the end of the first purchase. for more information on prices. The two-year purchase brings an additional discount

Malwarebytes cleans from malware and if pop-ups are caused by them they should disappear.

For starters to try it out initially you can download Malwarebytes for free: in fact, for manual scanning it is free; the premium version adds scheduled scans and real-time protection.

In addition there are extensions for Firefox & Chrome currently in free beta

Malwarebytes for macOS download

Browser extensions can be downloaded from the respective stores

I hope I was helpful for you.

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added download link and prices page
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Malwarebytes products for Mac will not prevent any web based pop ups using Safari at this time. @MAXBAR1 has outlined what it can do for you and since most of that is currently free (and all of it during the trial period), why not just give it a try. If it doesn’t help at all, give us a much better description of these pop ups (including screen shots, if possible) and we might be able to help.

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Please note for clarity that a single license key can be good for one or more separate devices. If you have a key that only allows one device, you can contact support about adding additional devices to the key, for $10/device, rather than buying a new key at the full price.


However, as mentioned by @alvarnell, Malwarebytes for Mac does not block pop-ups at this time. Instead, you can get our free Chrome browser extension to block ads and malicious websites:


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