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Safe browser scanner

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I have Mobile Premium and everyday I have to keep switching the safe browser scanner back on, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and even done factory reset on tablet, I switch it on and and tick the box and says enabled, it works OK until you switch off, restart or put it in sleep then when you want to scan it says fix issues,, the tablet is a Huawei M5 lite running on Oreo. 

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The exact same thing happens to my father on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017.
The problem is not new.

Already a few months ago I had signaled it together with an anomalous consumption and an exaggerated duration of the scans with the screen in stand-by.

They came back a little over a month ago (everything except the abnormal consumption)

and after having resolved for a couple of weeks it is now again two weeks that the two problems are present.

The only problem that at the moment has not been repeated is the abnormal consumption

I thank anyone who can help solve the problem


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The problem has existed for months now (with short breaks) and occurs, with that relating to the duration of manual scans if the smartphone is in stand-by that I mentioned  in this discussion  on the forum starting from 03/27/2019, in 90% of cases in which I open Malwarebytes on Android.

Smartphone Huawei P8 Lite 2017, Android with EMUI 8.0, Security Patch of January 2019 (were not released later), Malwarebytes Premium always updated to the latest version available on the PlayStore.

Thanks to anyone who wants to take charge of the problem and solve it.

Attach a screenshot of this morning


It is necessary to re-enable it practically every time and therefore you never have the security that it is active


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Thank you very much @mbam_mtbr. With the suggestions of your link it seems that the problems have finally been solved.

The manual scan, even with the screen left on standby, lasts only about 5 minutes again.

Safe browsing is no longer deactivated.

The INTENSE CONSUME reminder is no longer displayed, even though Malwarebytes remains the most energy-intensive application.

If someone could serve, in reference to the link you posted above, on EMUI 8.0.0 (Android 8.0 for Huawei - specifically the P8 Lite 2017) the screen to change, with the settings you can see so that Malwarebytes works properly, it is the following which I am attaching



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Nathan I pressed the button in the top right hand corner of battery and there was a history of power intensive apps, when I looked before malwarebytes as well as my VPN was showing in there but now it isn't and I have just done a reboot and it has switched my malwarebytes back on without any problems. 

Cheers for your help both of you and I will be keeping a check on what happens when I get Pie. 

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