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I initially contacted Malwarebytes last November after adding my licenses to their management site, and discovered my 3 user license was only for a single user. At the time it still provided me full use on 3 systems so, even though they refused to update the number I decided not to make waves as the licenses were still functional.

Same Issue here on my 3 user license now. It only now allows for a single license to be active after upgrading to the latest version.

I have seen multiple complaints on the BBB site as well where some people have managed to get Malwarebytes to resolve the issue..


I actually in addition to providing them with copies of my purchase receipts, had my retailer contact them to try and get the single user updated to 3 user license activated without results.

I have asked that my original complaint from last November be re-opened, I have opened a new complaint and I have now also raised a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I recognize that Malware-bytes is trying to eliminate past licensing issues they may have had, but the solution is NEVER to blame your customer for issues created beyond their control.

(In my case I purchased from a reputable IT company, but apparently is still not good enough...) - I have heard a plethora of excuses of how some older licences were "not valid" , or sold at too old dates, or were sold online without boxes etc.......

I have been promoting this product since before when it was free, and purchased many lifetime copies for friends and family all via legitimate means. So very disappointing to see a company treat its most loyal and honest customers in such a fashion.

Anyone else having these issues I would also recommend your raising a BBB complaint. it appears it is the only route available where reactivation may still be possible.



Malwarebytes Better Business Bureau Complaint # 710161.pdf

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