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Malwarebytes blocked IE and Edge after it removed possible malware

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I am looking for an answer to a issue I came across. I work in IT for a living and one of our users installed cometsys. Enterprise wise we run Sophos which identified but could not remove cometsys. I ended up using MWB to remove cometsys. However, after the removal IE 11 and Edge would not reach any website. I checked ALL internet settings to a working device and everything was identical. Chrome and Firefox both worked flawlessly. I verified everything was installed and up to date and literally 100% of the device EXCEPT IE11 and Edge worked normally. I even went as far as wiping her windows profile and creating a new one and still IE and Edge did not work. What we discovered was the second we uninstalled MWB both browsers worked normally again. I have read multiple forums on this kind of issue but have never found a single explanation of why this happened. I would guesstimate that in my career I have run MWB on well over 4000 computers and have never seen this issue previously. I'm hoping someone can actually give me a reason why this happened. 

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I've not personally run into that myself Jason. Would love to help but not sure what was really going on. If you do run into it again though please make sure  you get all the logs you can from the system and zip them up and send to us and we'll see if we can diagnose the cause.


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