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Have i done enough to remove virus

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Downloaded a bunch of junk from a dodgy link on an old youtube video whilst my critical thinking skills obviously needed to recharge.  It came up with a few things, opening themselves all over the place, something about flash, mac cleanup and something about car booking rentals is what i remember.  I deleted the apps from my computer and then downloaded malwarebytes (and im using the free premium trial).  It came up with the carbookingrentals and the flash as a destination to download to, which worried me a bit.   I ran it, it found four things, i then deleted them from the quarantine.  Ive since checked:





and found nothing suspicious.  Is it safe to assume I'm completely safe now and nothing worse was installed onto my mac?  I'm a bit scared that something really nasty that could steal my passwords was installed (i don't know much about computer viruses as I've always been pretty good at avoiding them and am very scared now I've experienced one).


I'm also considering restoring an old time machine backup but have been told this might not be necessary.  I just want more opinions on if what ive done is adequate or what i need to do from here as i like to get all the information i can on a certain topic.  Many thanks in advance

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Hi @duckbark,

Please log a support ticket with help of below link


We would gather more information to check if there is anything left that needs removal.

Or follow below KB article and attach me MWB_Info via message. Dont post the zip file here



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