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3rd party purchases of MB

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I tried to search the forum for this but couldn't come up with the pertinent posts about this although I swear I've read about this in the past.

I've been using MB Pro for a little over 2 years now and just had an automatic renewal so this would really be about what happens next year. I thought I read if you purchase a MB Pro license from a third party (Amazon or Newegg, etc) that you are "persona non grata" when it comes to any help you might need from MB support. Is that really true? Do you lose anything when you renew that way? Is the benefit of renewing automatically with MB, even though the price is higher, warrant doing it that way over buying through a third party? Thanks for any insight into this.

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As I understand it the only support you *might* lose would be for anything related to money changing hands such as refunds, pricing and the like.  Technical support *should* still be fully available to you, at least as far as I am aware.  That said, I do believe it works differently for customers who purchase through any partner/reseller as I believe they would be expected to provide technical support, however if anyone from the Malwarebytes staff knows better then I concede to their knowledge.

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I am a bit confused.  You mention MB Pro  & then later on, "renewal".  The original PRO ( meaning one-time-only pay lifetime) do not have renewals.

Can you start Malwarebytes.  Click Settings >> then click the tab "Account Details".  What do you see on the line Status:

I am curious as to what yours say on Status & Edition.  

And one other point, a "renewal" is only thru the firm from whom you purchased.   Otherwise, a purchase is a new sale, with new license.  A renewal keeps the same license.  Only the subscription based licenses involve "renewal".

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You seem to have done all the cost comparisons on the subscription license.

Newegg is a known vendor.  On Amazon, just be sure who is the seller.

From what you are planning, you want to be sure that auto-renewal is off on the current subscription.

No, you do not loose anything.

and when you have the new license, you can just go on the Malwarebytes program and then go to Settings >> Account Details

and then click Change License Key.

One other sidebar, if your current Premium subscription is thru 2Checkout ( 2CO  also a.k.a. Avangate) you can ask them about the pricing to convert your license "seats" to the number of seats you need.


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Newegg is a known reseller, as I mentioned before.  You just want to be sure to SAVE the copy of the transaction, along with the record of the License Key.   Always make extra copies of the sales receipt and keep safe, including perhaps printing out a copy.

Any billing issue for the sale is between you and the seller.

Malwarebytes Support and this forum will help you on program issues.

What is not supported are pirated licenses.

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Thanks again. I also have a question about MB Premium and ??? I've been using Norton for years. And have been using both since starting MB Premium. What's the general feeling now about needing to run anything other than MB and Windows Defender? I can start a new post for this if it would draw more answers. My Norton subscription is good through next March so this is not critical to know at this time. 

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You can save money by letting the Norton sub lapse.

Running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and Windows Defender along with Malwarebytes Premium will do  fine.

I run Windows 10 with MB Premium and the Windows Defender.

Malwarebytes 3 Premium has multiple layers of real-time protections.  And the Windows Defender ( on Windows 10 / 8.1) is a strong and powerful AV, and, it is free.

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  • Root Admin

As long as you have purchased from an approved reseller and have not purchased an illegal/pirated version we will always provide product support. Though some resellers want you as their customer and would prefer that you contact them first and give them the opportunity to assist you. As always, please keep a digital copy, and screenshot or picture of your purchase documentation and license information in case of any possible dispute.

I would recommend that you always set up your license within the My Account page.

Find my premium license key

Create your My Account profile

Once setup is complete, you are logged into My Account, where you can:

    manage your subscriptions
    view your order history
    retrieve your license keys
    deactivate your licenses
    download the latest Malwarebytes software
    update your billing information

Your My Account profile only shows purchases registered to your login email.  You must set up a new My Account login for each email address you have registered with Malwarebytes.

My Account Login Page

Contact Malwarebytes Support


If you do need additional help please let us know and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you



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