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please help me. I am gonna go crazy


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before 3 days I installed an app from a website on the internet.
after it installed the computer crached and rebooted, after the reboot i noticed a bug. it looks like a Beetle and it´s always on screen.
then the computer fans were loud and the temperature of my laptop was high too. at that point, I realized that it was a virus. so I entered the safe boot to remove it. but the bug was still there and the Malwarebytes didn't detect anything. so i formatted my Sdd and installed windows from a DVD.
but through the whole process, the bug was still there. even on the boot screen. 
now after installing windows... it still there.
so I did some research and found out that the virus could be stored on the bios. 
so i don't know what to do.
could I format the bios ??
could the virus be stored somewhere else?
and if you were thinking that it could be a real bug. I tried to squish it and I almost broke my screen but nothing happened to it. 
in fact, it moves its legs sometimes when you look close enough.
and I even took a photo of with a  20x magnifying glass just to be sure cause I was going crazy about it. and it's for sure a virus.

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BIOS infections are *extremely* rare; so much so that to my knowledge, exactly 0 actual infections have been discovered in the wild (only P.O.C. created by researchers testing to see if such threats/attacks are possible).  That said, you're running Windows 10 so it is likely your system doesn't boot from a BIOS anyway; it likely boots from a UEFI.  You can learn more about the difference here.

With that said, it could simply be a problem with the monitor itself such as a dead or 'stuck' set of pixels in that area, or could even be some kind of built in 'feature' for the display (some gaming monitors include the ability to display a custom image/crosshair in the center of the screen at all times as a kind of 'cheat' for first person shooter games that don't include a crosshair for aiming; once this feature is enabled on the display it would indeed show up under all conditions, even if Windows was reformatted/reinstalled as the setting is actually in the monitor itself, not Windows; if this is the case there should be a menu and/or button combination to disable this feature to make it go away, however you would need to consult with the manual that came with your display or consult the support page for your particular system/monitor or contact the Support team of the manufacturer directly, which I believe would be MSI based on the image you posted).

If you still believe the system is infected then please do as Firefox suggested in his post above; simply read and follow the instructions in this topic and then create a new topic in the malware removal area by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you with this issue as soon as one becomes available.

I hope this helps and that you are able to quickly resolve this issue.

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