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McAffee scam support trouble

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I've got a friend... No, really!

Anyway, he has a PC and for some reason uses McAffee AV. When trying to upgrade the McAffee he somehow became prey to one of those pop-up call support scams. He called and allowed the person access. After a while he figured out something was amiss and rattled off some impolite words to the scammer. Yeah, brilliant, while the computer is still connected to a remote operator...

He now can not connect to the internet. When he called McAffee support, they said they could not do anything without an internet connection (translation: we are a boiler-room pretend support site and WILL not help you without an internet connection because we have no clue what to do otherwise.)

He and i are about a thousand miles apart, so i was trying to walk him through some pretty basic trouble shooting in the dark. The OS is Windows 10. Tried first connecting to his modem. He is with Comcast so i had him open a browser and point it to but got an error message saying it could not connect, and i think, no connection was present. He is able to connect to the internet with another computer, a bit of a dinosaur, through the same switch, but he is way to obstinate to try to get him to go to a support website and post - matter of fact, his best contemplated solution is to buy a new computer.

Next we tried the Windows network connections troubleshooter, but it was not able to run due to an error.

Then i had him open services.msc and put bits on automatic and start it, Cryptographic Services on auto and start and Windows Update on auto and run, then we opened up an admin cmd window and tried ipconfig /flushdns but this failed.

I had him restart the computer and tried to flush the dns cache again, but that once again failed.

So that is what we have tried, right or wrong. Would someone who actually knows what they are doing (in other words, not me...) give me some step by step guidance here so i can try to walk him through on the phone?


Thank-you very much!

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Hello @brucemc777

It really is best if your friend comes to the forum and signs up and starts his own new topic so that one of our Experts can provide direct one-on-one assistance. Going through a middle 3rd party will make fixing the computer nearly impossible.

They can also contact our Helpdesk for support if wanted.




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I quite well agree that direct contact would be optimal, and would help avoid any problems in relaying information, and who knows, maybe talking to one of your people would get him off that dang McAffee and also on to MWB...

I fear that trying to convince him to make a general post is not going to be met with much success. May i ask by what means i could have him contact your help-desk? Every time i have done so (and there have been more than several) it has been through a link within MWB-

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