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Foo_Unpack.dll (False)


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I'm not sure what you recommend for the whole "Developer Mode" since it wasn't the scan that caught it..it was the Protection client..

Anyway Foobar2000 is a media player application -- http://www.foobar2000.org/

When I opened an mp3 of mine the Protection put up a warning that said Foo_Unpack.dll which is intended to allow me to listen to music that's compressed in a .zip, .rar, .7z..etc..& called it a Worm(Auto) I believe it was..

I ignored it but I don't see it in the ignore list..& I played the same track several times & can't get the warning to reproduce..

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Well a little good news the error popped up again when I restarted my computer..this time I got a screen shot it so at least you know it's legitimate ;-)

Is there anything I can do to help more..I've ran scans before with 0 results..this has never occurred before since my database update to 2803 - 9.15.2009

It's the protection module catching it not the scans..

I've played this song before..on this machine..in Foobar..with Malwarebytes running..but I'll do what I can to help :-)


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Hi, after updating to the newest version I also am getting this foo unpack.dll autorun worm warning.

it wasnt the manual scanner that caught it, it was either the IP protection or the protection module.

it lists this IP as the outgoing IP

But as stated previously, foo_unpack.dll is part of the foobar media player software.

Maybe it is infected from the very start and its only now that we are able to pick it up, since I cant understand why its auto-running in the background when foo bar isnt even turned on, but there ya go.

I have put it in quarantine until I find out if its legit or not, I can send a copy of the file to you if you wish ?

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