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thanks for the form letter but.....

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If you actually took the time to read my post you would realize that I can't run HJT or your software on this infected computer.

Trying to get my daughter's laptop working for her college courses. So I am posting this with my computer and hoping to glean enough information to get hers working.

Downloaded, HJT, Spybot S&D, and MWB programs to her computer in regular mode and in safe mode but can't run .exe files to load programs and install on her computer.

System restore is shut off, regedit is shut off, disk defrag is shut off, and in msconfig I see fozehuka checked.

Unchecking fozehuka and closing and restarting and fozehuka is checked again. Simply unchecking, closing without restart, then opening startup items again with msconfig and fozehuka is rechecked.

Was able to do a regedit in safe mode so searched for "fozehuka" and deleted all mention of it in registry. Restart and they are all back.

Noticed that some of the fozehuka entries were sub within a file called koneyakaf is that helps.

This piece of **** malware has hijacked her computer completely. On the internet I get redirected to pishing sites. I have to type the exact address into the address bar because if I use google to search for the website (like yours) I get sent to a different site asking me to "click here".

There is no way to do a log file because because I can't load HJT. If I could get your program to run maybe I will have a chance. Did get ccleaner to install but it was not much help. Did get AVG command scan to work in safe mode, it fixed something, but still no help.

She has original AV software (McAfee) installed but let the license lapse and was using AVG free instead.

After my trip through the registry, and deleting fozehuka entries I now get a couple of error messages 1. 2417453198.exe had a problem, please tell Microsoft and 2. Viewmgr encountered a problem.

Any help in getting your program to run on this broken computer would be helpful.

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Taken from here, it states:

NOTE: If Malwarebytes won't run or HijackThis won't run please still create a new post in the Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs forum and explain what happens.

The volunteers here cannot help you because we are not trained in malware removal and have been asked by the forum mods/admins to not make any attempts. There are trained experts in the Malware Removal section of this forum that can and will help you, despite you not being able to run HJT or MBAM. I hope this helps!

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If you actually took the time to read my post you would realize that I can't run HJT or your software on this infected computer.


I'm not trying to be cantankerous here, but please note that, had you read the entire instructions that you were linked to, they gave you contingency instructions for when you cannot run the utilities.

Please follow these instructions (skipping any steps you are unable to complete) for posting in our Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs forum. If you cannot follow any of those steps, then please create a new topic in that forum explaining what happened when you tried to run each of the tools in the instructions, and the expert who helps you will be able to suggest steps to take to get the tools working.

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