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Malwarebytes installation file detected as Trojan/Win32.Fuery

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I scanned the Malwarebytes installation file using Virustotal and it potentially gave a false positive: Trojan/Win32.Fuery


I was searching for the MD5 Hash for Malwarebytes installation file, but didn't find it yet. Maybe devs could put the hash signature/value on the download page so it's readily available. The odd thing is I also had the same scanning engine from Virustotal give me a positive hit an hour prior for another program: it was MSI Afterburner. I'm wondering if my machine has someone somehow redirecting my browser some how, or attaching malware to the files. Was odd to get a positive from two diff files, both from the same engine on Virustotal.

I created this account just to post this as it just bothered me. I'm concerned something else is going on but not sure.

The irony is that I cannot drag drop the copy of Malwarebytes here due to file size being too large. I'm guessing it a false positive, but if something else is going on it would be important that I bring this to someone's attention. Malwarebytes has a very good record, and is a renowned product.

Please advise how I should proceed. How can I submit the file for verification?


https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/  Is where I downloaded the installation file.

I'm pretty sure it's just a false positive, that engine that indicated a positive hit is from some random company I've never heard of. ( Antiy-AVL )


Thanks for your time, Ill check email for replies.


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This detection from Antiy-AVL is obviously a False Positive on our installer, so don't worry here.



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