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Fake Malwarebytes app on Chrome Store?


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Hello Malwarebytes,

I was installing the extension on another Chrome installation today, when I was doing so I noticed there are two extensions available on the store. Including the one below:

The app is offered by: TuliDescargar.com





Please can you look into this?


Kind regards,



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That sounds like a good idea, as many users may fall for such a thing, it is quite easy to do unless you check out the author etc. Having worked in a computer security research centre (although not directly in the field) I am more sensitive to such things but I really wish Google would be more proactive in stopping this stuff in the first place as I am sure many people may have installed the rogue extension.

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2 hours ago, alvarnell said:

I reported it yesterday to the Chrome Store as fake, so Google would get on it.

So did I.  But, we are talking about 1Google.  There isn't much good I can say about them!
For one... since Google is hosting it for THEIR software ( the Google data mining front-end called Chrome ) they had a responsibility to authenticate the source.  Especially in light of the fact that Google owns Virus Total and Malwarebytes is a participating vendor.

1. Google's original motto was "Don't be evil."  in 2015 when they became Alphabet, it was changed to "Do the right thing."   When a company has make such a motto you know they are evil and are not doing the right thing.  Just like when you have a fraudster who states "this is legal" you know that the action is really bathed in illegality.

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Chrome doesn't allow the installation of extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store so the best Malwarebytes could do in that regard would be to provide a direct link to the appropriate Chrome Web Store page on their main site, however they're already doing that here in the forums, and at least until it is no longer in beta they aren't likely to link to it on the main Malwarebytes site.  Unfortunately it's also very likely that most users duped by these fakes came across them while on the Chrome Web Store or through some online advertisement, so even if Malwarebytes were able to provide a direct link on their homepage for it, that would not prevent those users from being scammed and installing these fakes.  The only option is for users and Malwarebytes to do their best to keep an eye on the Chrome Web Store for any fakes that might show up and report them so that Google will take them down.

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