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My machine was working fine using until I installed Malwarebytes. After I installed your software I noticed my machine slowing down system wide and internet connection would slow significantly or completely stop for a couple minutes. I took a look at my console and it was reporting a steady kernel error "compat_ifmu_ulist: en4 copyin() error 14". After digging troubleshooting a while I found the error source was something between PIA and Malwarebytes. I looked for a way to exclude specific software from Malwarebytes but there doesn't seem to be a way of doing this on a Mac. On windows you can.

Please don't tell me that I'm going to have to choose one or the other...

Can you please help with this?

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Hello @Brannon and :welcome:

In your next reply to this topic, please let the forum know:

  1. The full version number of the Operating System.  (Apple icon -> About This Mac)
  2. The full model identifier of the Mac.  (Apple icon -> About This Mac -> Select System Report... -> Model Identifier)
  3. The version number of the PIA application in use.  (Launch PIA -> Select the PIA icon -> Select the three (3) vertical dots in the PIA GUI -> Select Settings)
  4. Full Malwarebytes version number.  (Malwarebytes GUI -> Malwarebytes -> About Malwarebytes -> Version information)

Thank you.

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I would also like to read the details on how you reached the conclusion that these those log entries were kernel errors and how you traced them to PIA/Malwarebytes interactions.

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  • Staff

There is no known conflict between Malwarebytes for Mac and PIA. Malwarebytes for Mac should neither detect any components of PIA nor interfere with its network connections.

Why do you believe that the errors you have seen are signs of such a conflict?

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