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I have Norton Security installed and running on my computer. Can I have Malwarebytes simultaneously runing on the same PC?

Do you consider that this is a good idea? Because I am not an expert on cybersecurity, I would like to know your oppinion.

Do both programs working together cover more harmfull cases than only one?' Maybe it is a bad idea? or Maybe not?

Thank you very much in advance!😉

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The two programs should work fine together as Malwarebytes has been developed to be as compatible as possible with other security programs in real-time, especially antivirus.  That said, you may be able to improve overall system performance and responsiveness a bit by creating exclusions in the two programs for one another.  The list of items to exclude from Norton for Malwarebytes can be found in this support article and I would suggest excluding Norton's program folder(s) (likely located under C:\Program Files and/or C:\Program Files (x86)) along with any Norton/Symantec data folder(s) located under C:\ProgramData using the method described under the Exclude a File or Folder section of this support article.  Of course also be sure to exclude, if possible, Malwarebytes' processes/files from any HIPS and firewall components as well for the best results and to ensure that Malwarebytes is able to reach the web to download updates and use its cloud heuristics functionality.

If you do have any trouble please let us know and we will gladly assist you, but I don't expect that you'll have any trouble between the two as it is a fairly common combination for many of our users/customers.

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Hi AlexYanes:

I've noticed the following issues running Norton Security v22.x and Malwarebytes Premium v3.x together in realtime protection mode, even after adding mutual scan exclusions to both products.

  1. On occasion, the Malwarebytes icon does not load in the system tray at boot-up unless Malwarebytes' self-protection module is disabled at Settings | Protection | Startup Options | Enable Self-protection Module | OFF. (see <here>).
  2. On occasion, my Norton Automatic LiveUpdates will not run to completion and will eventually time out and fail [i.e, my Norton security history at  Security | History | LiveUpdate will log an update session with a Medium (orange) status and "0" updates delivered] unless Malwarebytes Web Protection module is disabled at Settings | Protection | Realtime Protection | Web Protection | OFF.  Norton Download Insight will also fail intermittently and "Safe" executable files will be assigned a reputation of "Unknown" if Malwarebytes' Web Protection module is enabled (see <here>).

If you have a Win 8.x or Win 10 OS then disabling the Windows Fast Startup power option (also known as hybrid boot-up / hybrid shutdown) will solve Problem # 1 for most users - see exile360's post # 14 in the thread Malwarebytes Free System Tray Icon Sometimes Just Does Not Appear.  However, I know of a few Norton users with Win 8.x or Win 10 OSs who have reported in this forum that the Malwarebytes icon will occasionally fail to load into the system tray at boot-up even after Fast Startup is disabled.  Regardless, I'd strongly recommend you disable Fast Startup on your Win 10 computer since it can can also interfere with product updates and loading of Norton services at boot-up and result in all sorts of odd glitches and unexpected behaviour - see peterweb's thread Windows 8/8.1 or 10 and Fast Start Feature in the Norton forum.

Problem # 2 might be unique to users with older operating systems since I use Norton Security on an old Vista SP2 computer.  I have deactivated my Malwarebytes Premium license and am currently using Malwarebytes Free as an on-demand manual scanner because of the problems described above.


...and further to exile360's suggestion in post # 3, if you need help creating mutual scan exclusions in Norton and Malwarebytes see the last two paragraphs of my 26-Jan-2019 post in Amylogamy's thread Norton Internet Security Hangs and Scan Does Not Complete in the Norton forum.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.2.22 * MB Free v3.5.1.2522-1.0.365

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