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More bad news for ASUS users...ASUS software hacked AGAIN


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According to a Kaspersky Labs report, ASUS has yet again been the target of malicious hackers who have successfully distributed a backdoor (translation: the worst possible kind of infection you can have because it gives bad guys complete access to EVERYTHING in your system) through the bundled ASUS software updating application that ships on all ASUS PCs.  This isn't the first time ASUS has been in the spotlight for having their bundleware hijacked, but hopefully it will be the last.  Clearly something is rotten at ASUS in their security division, at least in my opinion, as their updater software was using plain unencrypted HTTP communication to perform updates rather than the much more secure encrypted HTTPS protocol.  This flaw enabled hackers to hijack connections and distribute malware to ASUS PCs thus infecting unsuspecting users with their malicious backdoor software.

In this day and age of countless data breaches, security vulnerabilities in both hardware and software, ever worsening privacy issues where even 'legitimate' companies are harvesting customer data at an alarming rate (and often times even selling or giving that data to third parties), things like this just pile on top to illustrate the need for a major overhaul to the way in which web security and data are handled.

You can learn more about this incident at Kaspersky Labs blog below:


Much like the CCleaner hijack sometime ago, the perpetrators were targeting specific devices with this malware, with a combined list of about 600 specific systems that they were seeking out based on hardcoded MAC addresses embedded in various versions of the malware they were distributing.  Kaspersky estimates that approximately 1 million devices in total were infected.

Whoever the targets were/are, I hope that they have or are seeking good APT protection because they need it as obviously someone has them in their sites.

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Yeah, if I recall correctly I think the original article where I discovered it had the date and for whatever reason I thought it was 'May' instead of 'March' which is why I thought it was a more recent story/event, and I hadn't realized that the original event from March had been discovered by Kaspersky so I thought all the details were different and that it was just yet another hijacking of ASUS' updater module (and based on the details and history of other security problems at ASUS it didn't seem to be outside the realm of possibility that their updater would have gotten hijacked yet again).  I guess I should have paid closer attention.

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