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UK data format on cloud dashboard

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I am not certain if this applies or not, but in the consumer product there is a selection under Settings>Application under Display Language called English (U.K.) which, when selected changes the UI to display dates in the UK format.  If there is a similar language option for the dashboard then that may be the solution.

If that doesn't resolve the issue please let us know and I will get the attention of a member of the Business Support team to respond.

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Hi there,

Any news on this, just had a senior person confused by output from Malwarebytes Cloud reading 08/09/19 as 'the eighth day of September' and not 'the ninth day of August' and coming to the wrong interpretation of the situation.  This is sadly not the first time this has happened nor the first time I've checked on the progress of this basic functionality.  The date is written differently in different countries, 96 percent of the planet doesn't write the date in this way according to Wikipedia and if Malwarebytes Cloud is an international product it needs to support the varying ways the world does things?

Supporting locales other than that of the developer is something you'd expect in a beta stage product, let alone something that's been on international sale for several years?  The entirety of settings you can configure per user/administrator on Malwarebytes Cloud at the moment appears to consist solely of the ability to change password?  People may not speak different languages, have differing accessibility needs, differing favourite functions or access or colour schemes, indeed all humans are identical but for their choice of password?

Please can you either allow people to select their own expected date format, or for a smaller interim resolution perhaps change the main monolithic date format to notate the month in text rather than numeric form e.g. Aug/09/19 but there are numerous other options of course.


Thanks very much for your help addressing this long-standing basic usability requirement.


Kind regards,


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This is one of those things that annoys and as anyone in sales knows, if something annoys a customer, it has a habit of escalating. Although it is rather important in knowing what date malware occurred on and having to mentally swap it around causes confusion and errors. Also, as a sometimes software developer, I know that rationalisation is pain but it's hardly a new requirement. Windows and Unix has done it for as long as most of us can remember. So come on Malwarebytes, get this one fixed. The technology used to build the web console seems first rate otherwise.

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You can't edit posts unfortunately if you are a regular member.  This restriction was implemented due to the large number of spammers/spam bots that would constantly bombard the forums with spam posts, often creating what seemed to be benign/legitimate posts, then later returning and editing each of their posts to insert spam URLs/links.  Since making this change the number of spammers on the forums has dropped from easily 30 or more per day to only a small handful (single digits) per month, and even then they are often unsuccessful in posting their content due to the restrictions and security measures in place to help prevent spam.

I do apologize for the inconvenience, however all other measures were exhausted before finally coming to the decision to implement this and several other restrictions and these changes have been the only effective long term means of stopping them (it has been around a year or two I believe since the change was made, and in all that time the spam bots/spammers still have yet to adapt to and effectively overcome the restrictions put in place).

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