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Hi!  We currently have the Kaspersky Endpoint Security  and MalwareBytes Endpoint Security  installed an 100 PC. Just bought the  MB ENDPOINT PROTECTION AND RESPONSE  and plan to migrare all users as soon as I learn the basics. My question is, Do you think is safe to keep only MalwareBytes and not an Antivirus software?  Sales representative said is OK but would like your opinion.

I don't see the ANTI-RANSOMWARE module to be installed so I understand is not needed with this version.

Thanks in advance!!!  


Best Regards

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It is totally up to you, however I am of the mind that it really isn't necessary to keep an AV with Malwarebytes if you don't want to in order to keep your systems safe from online threats.  That said, if you would still prefer to keep an AV layer but would rather spare the expense of paying for one you might simply activate the built in Windows Defender.  Microsoft allows for commercial use for free for it since it is included as a part of Windows itself and it can be managed similar to many other Windows components.  You can learn more in this Microsoft support article.

Once you've removed Kaspersky from your endpoints Windows Defender should activate itself automatically or you may do so manually using the management functions mentioned in the MS support article I linked to above.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


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I am on Malwarebytes' staff, in technical PreSales.  I see this question asked often, so I am providing a comprehensive response, for you and reference by others too.

Your question, in essence, is seeking peer advice about Malwarebytes from existing customers.  There are already excellent sources of independent peer review from substantial customers, especially at Gartner PeerInsights (Gartner are a renowned authoritative source of information about the IT industry at-large). 

This is a formal case study from a customer I worked with, who replaced Kaspersky with Malwarebytes totally.  They were happy enough to be publicly referenced. https://resources.malwarebytes.com/files/2019/04/Waverly-Christian-College-CS.pdf  We have similar case studies with comparisons to other vendors.  https://resources.malwarebytes.com/casestudies/  We run along side Windows Defender very well.

Also, if you have the technical capability and skills, you can carefully perform your own independent tests on an isolated/recoverable endpoint of what we find/block which the others miss.  We provide 50 current samples and additionallythe same 50 samples with their MD5 Hash changed, which often evades anti-virus only protections.  Contact your local Malwarebytes reseller, partner or Malwarebytes sales contact for more information and a link to the samples.

Ransomware Protection is one of the seven techniques included in Endpoint Protection.   Unlike earlier versions of our product, all protections are included into a single bundle for management.  However the inner protection driver services can still be seen running, using this diagnostic script from our support site - https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2617

Endpoint Protection and Response is more advanced and REPLACES and UNINSTALLS Endpoint Security and other variants of Malwarebytes product, across a reboot.  Please discuss with your Malwarebytes representative or reseller, if you need to know more.

+++ Is Malwarebytes a primary protection solution?  +++

I would like to dispel a common myth!

 Anti-Virus is an old, narrow definition of malware and attack methods.  It has become generic and misunderstood by association to long-term vendors.  It is also failing, evidenced by these same vendors announcing a rash of 'new generation' detectors added to their suites over the last 12-18 months.  

Malwarebytes business products which have been available for over 5 years, with latest cloud managed product released in Oct 2017.  Our consumer products have been available and used by businesses too, for 10 years.  We have many layers of detectors/protections already.

Malwarebytes protects against virus, trojans, rootkits and much much more, including adware, Bitcoin miners and more.   We do this both with real-time protection, antivirus-like rules, exploit protection, behaviour monitoring against scripts and macros, machine-learning, ransomware monitoring,  and also with post-infection disk/system scanning. 

Many customers use us for post infection cleaning and remediation 'in situ', because their current primary solution is failing them. IF they see too many misses by their current solution, they should to protect in advance with our full product.

The Endpoint Protection and Response plugin, an extra subscription, adds flight-recording, suspicious activity analysis, ability to isolate endpoints if lateral infection/malware spread is occurring and rollback ransomware damaged files from a local backup cache. 

Your account representative, sales team member, or one of our many Reseller partners can assist you with trial etc.

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Changed samples link to refer to your representative.
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