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Advanced Fingerprinting and Profiling - Privacy Languishes

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I just read this rather depressing article which pretty much confirmed many of my deepest concerns regarding the advancements of profiling capabilities in use by those who wish to gather data about us and identify us and it illustrates more than ever how we should probably be far more concerned about our privacy than we are (even for those of us who are very concerned and take heroic measures to protect our privacy):


I imagine some kind of anti-fingerprinting tool with components or modules to address various areas of exposure.  I've got a few ideas that I'm kicking around in my head which I'll be submitting to the Malwarebytes team once I've done a bit more research and refinement on the concepts and details.  Hopefully they'll see fit to do something with it if my ideas turn out to be useful.

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You're welcome :)

My research continues, but I'm not too optimistic about where things are headed.  The future looks grim if companies continue to abuse privacy as they are because the tools at their disposal for this purpose are only becoming more powerful and more diverse in their capabilities.

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