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  • Virgin Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) [SM-A530W]
  • Android version 9
  • Phone is not rooted.
  • No other security software running.

I am unable to add any apps to the whitelist. I can view the whitelist, but that is it. I cannot figure out how to edit it in any way. As it is now, it is just blank. Nothing is in the whitelist. Long pressing apps in the, "App Manager" section does nothing other than go to that app's info within MBAM. From there I can go into Android's app info section where I can either uninstall or force stop.

On the scanner page all I can do is remove things from the list by swiping left or right. Long pressing does nothing, just pressing does nothing.

There is no option to modify the whitelist through settings.

I have premium and the app is up-to-date. So, why can I not do anything with the whitelist other than look at it?




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I just checked the user guide which can be found here and it explains the following:


So apparently only items detected during scans can be added to the Whitelist.

I hope that clarifies things, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


P.S. Regarding editing your post, unfortunately the forum software is configured to prevent it for most accounts due to the large volume of spam the forums have experienced.  Since this measure was put in place by the forum admins the amount of spam on the forums has been reduced to nearly 0 where at one point it was many spam posts and tons of new spam accounts per day (most of the bots/automated which made staying on top of them to ban them manually nearly impossible).  It isn't ideal for usability obviously, but necessary to stop the constant spam floods and it has worked for many months now.  I do apologize for the inconvenience.

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Only items that have been detected can be whitelisted apparently, so it's not a function of preventing items from being scanned, just preventing them from being detected.  This means that the program must scan all programs, even whitelisted ones; I'm guessing this is just the way the program was designed.  Some scanners work that way and I suppose I can sort of see why they might make such a choice for a scanner on a mobile platform, especially if it only scans installed programs (assuming it doesn't scan personal files/storage folders etc. which it likely doesn't).

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