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Compatibility with other Anti-Ransomware software

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Sorry if this seems like an ignorant question for some of you. 😳 Is MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware compatible with other Anti-Ransomware software. For example, if I already have installed Acronis Anti-Ransomware or NeuShield Data Sentinel, can I also use MalwareBytes on the same computer (Windows 10)?

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Honestly without testing I doubt anyone could say for certain, the primary reason being that different tools use different methods to detect threats and malicious behavior, however generally speaking Malwarebytes does make great efforts to achieve compatibility with other security software whenever possible however that does not guarantee that it won't conflict with any of the programs you mentioned or other anti-ransomware software.  What I would be most concerned about is the fact that Malwarebytes, and likely most other anti-ransomware programs, uses behavior monitoring to detect ransomware, however the way that each tool accomplishes this may differ.  For example, some anti-ransomware tools will create a set of files on the system that are monitored, and if they are altered/deleted/encrypted, it triggers the tool to detect the offending process.  Many of the early anti-ransomware tools used this method, often creating a series of files with names that pretty much guaranteed they would be the first ones targeted by any ransomware threat (assuming the ransomware started in alphabetical order which, at least as far as I know, most do).  Since each tool would monitor the specific files it created there shouldn't really be any conflicts since the names of those files would be specific to each anti-ransomware program being used.  That said, I'm fairly certain that Malwarebytes does not use this method any more (I believe it did early on) and instead monitors all processes in memory for ransomware behavior using multiple rules to determine if a process is/appears to be ransomware and it is likely that other tools out there use methods that are at least partially similar.  Whether two or more programs that use such methods might conflict with one another probably depends a lot on whether or not they are able to co-exist in real-time without dragging the system's performance down as each of them monitors all processes in memory.

With all of that said, I don't recall any recent reports of any conflicts with Malwarebytes Ransomware Protection and any other anti-ransomware tools/programs so I don't believe a conflict is very likely, however I would also suggest that it would probably be overkill to run a second anti-ransomware tool/program if you already have Malwarebytes installed, especially if you are using Malwarebytes Premium since it also includes additional layers that target threats at various phases of the attack chain/kill chain, many of which are much earlier in the attack process than actual payload delivery and execution (meaning before the actual ransomware itself is downloaded to the system and executed in memory and begins attempting to encrypt files and do the other things that ransomware does) and this is especially true of the two most proactive protection components in Malwarebytes, Web Protection (which blocks known malicious websites such as the servers where ransomware would be hosted, the malvertisements and other malicious sites where exploits and other threats that might try to infect a system with ransomware would be hosted/deployed) and Exploit Protection which is most relevant because it targets the kinds of exploits that are most often used for infecting users' systems with malware, including ransomware (FYI, exploits are by far the most commonly used delivery method for ransomware), and since Exploit Protection, like Ransomware Protection, uses behavior rather than static signatures and heuristics to detect attacks/threats, it cannot be evaded simply by changing where an exploit is hosted or encrypting its malicious scripts.

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