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Everything I own is compromised and I'm pretty sure I'm being monitored

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My nightmare began on January 16. I was using a Samsung Note 9 I bought new from my phone company Eastlink. My main Hotmail account was compromised. I have absolutely no idea how the hacker got in it, who it was, and nobody has had access to my phone. I got a notification my hotmail account's password was changed. I immediately changed it, and set up 2 step authentication.  I used a Gmail account I've used for years as a recovery email. I got a notification from Gmail stating that account's password was changed this locking me out of the hotmail account totally. Then I was receiving notifications for EVERYTHING having their passwords changed. I didn't have mobile data at this time. I was using Eastlink in Nova Scotia for my ISP. I went in there and checked to see what devices were connected to my modem and there were four strange device names there! I looked up their ip addresses using Geolocator on the web and tried tracking them down on Google Maps. They were obviously using a VPN.  The last account I owned that wasn't miraculously hacked yet was Samsung Cloud. Desperate to save it because of hundreds of pics of my kids I quickly set up the Iris scanner. Huge mistake. I went to log in using it and my phone flashed. I watched helplessly as someone remotely accessed my Samsung account. This is far beyond my sophistication of knowing what was going on. This person(s) now have all my data about me, down to my very iris and fingerprint identification. I called Google Montreal as they're the closest HQ and they sent me a password reset link through an email address I created to change my password so I can regain control of that account. Me and the hacker literally fought over a box I had to enter a code in, much like one in hotmail when the letters and numbers are squiggly and hard to read. I lost. The hacker got that code and thus my Gmail account. I contacted Microsoft Support and they permanently suspended my main email account. My credit card company called me and totally scrapped my credit card because I could no longer verify who I was because the hacker attempted to manipulate credit card information which prompted them to call me. I contacted Samsung who didn't believe my story but had me create a new account and thus allowed me to access my old account. This part is strange. The hacker put pictures into my Samsung account. The hacker realized I'd tried to track them down, took pics of the Google Maps screenshots id taken but put emoticons all around the pics with laughing faces, mad faces, flames etc. There was 2 rows of pictures of myself, many of my kids. Just super creepy. I contacted the RCMP. They said they couldnt do anything to track down a hacker. I looked online and noticed they have a cyber crime unit! The hacker locked me out of 3 modems from 2 different ISPs, I changed ISPs, changed phones, changed my phone carrier, went through 3 SIMS and it still persisted. The hacker also has my photo ID since I had it in my Gmail. To this day, when I make calls I hear background noise, screenshots are being taken randomly. I look immediately for the screenshot when it's taken but my phone says "Image cannot be found". I put my SIM card in a brand new flip phone once in February, a few weeks after all this began  because I was fed up with smartphones. The battery was full and drained to almost nothing in seconds and got extremely hot. I took out the battery and SIM.  This person(s) hacker is extremely sophisticated and know what they are doing. It doesn't matter how many times I factory reset my device problems happen over and over. It's like the hacker embedded software so if I factory reset they're still always there. Please. Is there anything I can do to make them stop? I've also lost the Gmail account associated with my Malwarebytes subscription. This hacker has control of many of my online accounts I'm certain I'll never see again :( I can't believe the RCMP would not help me even though there is evidence of identity theft and fraud! I believe the hacker was obviously remotely accessing my phone without my permission.  Samsung does not believe it to be possible though I argued with them that they can do it with a customer's permission. If someone wants in devices and modems that badly they'll do it if they have the know how. What are your thoughts?! Thanks for reading. Long winded, I know.

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Hi @Hacked2death

It’s not unusual for there to be attempts to break into an email account by brute force attacks or guessing questions for “forgot password”.  It was a good idea to set up two-step authentication, and to use a strong, unique password.  Having a unique password is key since if you use the same for all accounts, it makes it easy for them to break into other accounts.  It’s doubtful they have you iris/fingerprint identity; they probably just went through “forgot password” to reset.  As far as the flip phone overheating, most likely a hardware issue then hacking.  I would try again to reset your passwords with strong/unique passwords and set up stronger authentication methods where you can.

Sorry to hear you having so much troubles,


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