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Disable by default IP Protection

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Hi :) About this faq

How do I disable this?

I wouldn't recommend disabling it, but if you must, you can do this by right clicking the MBAM tray icon, and unchecking "IP Protection".

Right clicking the MBAM tray icon ip protection is off bute when windows start next section IP protection is again on ! :D

How can I disable by default IP protection ?

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Hello g14nn1n0, Welcome to Malwarebytes.org

Give this a read:


This is the option I use and it works just right:

2) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware | startipdisabled

Description: With a DWORD value of 1, IP blocking will start disabled on reboot, although it can be enabled subsequently.

Create the indicated registry value (labeled as key | value) with the indicated data and reboot to enforce the policies below. All of the values are of type DWORD. In order to create a registry value, open the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> regedit), navigate to the key listed, and then right-click in the right-hand panel and choose New -> DWORD.
  • Once you create the new DWORD it will appear as New Value #1
  • Right click on the New Value #1 and rename it startipdisabled
    Can Copy and Paste in the box
  • Double-click startipdisabled, the Edit DWORD Value window will show
  • See Value Name (startipdisabled)
  • The Value data box is showing 0, change that to 1
  • Then click OK and reboot


Make sure the Hexadecimal box is checked

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